Strengthen Your Resilience Getting Started

Here are the steps we go through to get to the end result...

Strengthen Your Resilience - Benefits of Resilience

Lesson 1

The Benefits of Resilience

We look at exactly what resilience is, why it's important, the benefits or it and signs/symptoms that you could be heading for burnout/desensitisation.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Cultivating Self-Awareness

Lesson 2

Cultivating Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is how aware we are of what's happening around us and also within us. What's going on for us physically, emotionally and behaviourally. In this lesson you'll learn why this is important and how to cultivate self-awareness.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Who & What of Responsibility

Lesson 3

The Who and What of Responsibility

Responsibility in this context looks at how we choose to respond to situations and the effect that has on the outcome of a situation. We also look at what is and isn't our responsibility.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Sliding Doors of Perception

Lesson 4

The Sliding Doors of Perception

How we perceive things can have a big impact on how we respond to those events. When we have the ability to take off our perceived reality and see it from someone else's experience, it changes the game. In this lesson you will understand how to shift your perception easily. When you can do this, it allows compassion to come in.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Mindset Makes The Difference

Lesson 5

Mindset Makes the Difference

There'a a lot about our mindset that determine resilience...Are we positive? Do we catastrophise? Do we accept change as part of life? etc We explore in detail the power of mindset and attitude in strengthening our resilience and give you the tools and resources to help you cope.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Making Self Care a Priority

Lesson 6

Making Self-Care a Priority

We all know that self-care is important, but it still gets pushed to the back burner. We look at exactly why it's important and then we look at several proven strategies that you can use to self-nurture.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Laughter Medicine

Lesson 7

Laughter Medicine

The power of humour cannot be overstated as a tool in your kit for strengthening your resilience, and there's some serious science behind this. Discover simple ways to bring laughter into your day.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Courage to be Vulnerable

Lesson 8

The Courage to be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is something we embrace as courageous in others, yet we shun as a weakness in ourselves. Stop and think about someone you admire who expressed themselves in a particularly vulnerable way. Do you respect them? Yes, of course you did. So how do you tap into authenticity and vulnerability? This lesson will show you how.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Power of Embrace

Lesson 9

The Power of Embrace

In this lesson we look at accepting and embracing ourselves as well as looking at touch therapies - yes, they are a real thing!! We also cover self-criticism vs self-compassion and how you can land on the side of self-compassion.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Meditations to Balance

Lesson 10

Meditations to Balance

Meditation has been proven to have a positive impact on stress levels and how we feel. We look at this in greater detail as well as giving you a couple of meditations that will help you re-balance.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Being Open to Grief

Lesson 11

Being Open to Grief

Allowing ourselves to grieve, along with the way in which we experience that grief can have a cumulative effect on our resilience. Learn how to honour your grief and that of others gracefully.

Strengthen Your Resilience - How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces

Lesson 12

How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces

We all know that toxic/dysfunctional workplaces can have a major impact on our ability to be resilient. In this lesson we cover signs that you are in a toxic workplace along with providing some strategies to help you manage them.
As well, even if you're in a toxic workplace or not, we look at how to leave work at work.

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