Strengthen Your Resilience

In my work, I see professionals like you every day doing your absolute best to provide quality and compassionate care for the people you are serving. I get it, that’s my goal too. But sometimes, there’s other aspects of the work, along with life in general, that can really test our resilience.

Professionally, I’m a spiritual counsellor and specialist trainer. I’ve trained dozens of people in these tools and techniques to help you really strengthen your resilience.

Personally, I’ve had more than my fair share of life challenges, including some mental health issues, that have resulted in my needing to use the techniques I teach to help me maintain and strengthen my own resilience. I don’t teach anything that I haven’t used and found beneficial – I’m big on walking my talk.

Peace & blessings, Sharon

Sharon Tregoning
Spiritual Palliative Care

Strengthen Your Resilience | Spiritual Palliative Care
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