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Learn simple techniques to help you feel less overwhelmed and exhausted and more content and happy

Do you struggle to cope with the challenges that work and life throw your way?

Are you exhausted because you constantly feel stressed?

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your work as a health and care professional?


Then you need the Strengthen Your Resilience Online Course, designed specifically for health and care professionals.

If you’re health or care professional who is wanting to know more peace and less stress and overwhelm in your life, then you probably already know that you need to strengthen your resilience.

You already know that having strong resilience can make both your work and non-work life so much easier to cope with.

You probably also know that when you have the right techniques, tools and strategies strengthening your resilience doesn’t actually seem like hard work.

Even though the reasons to strengthen your resilience are clear as day,

finding the right way to do that for you can be anything but.

Where do you start?

There’s a truckload of information out there in various places. It can be overwhelming to even just start looking and when you’re already overwhelmed, that’s not a good thing!!

You’re already doing so much in your world – juggling work and kids and parents and friends and fun things and domestic things – the thought of spending hours trawling through the web is NOT what you want to do.

But you start looking anyway because you really want to stop feeling so overwhelmed, to stop feeling like everything is exhausting, to stop wondering when you’ll feel some lightness again.

Then when you do find some resources to help, how do you know what’s going to be really beneficial? Is it too generic to the point where it’s clear that the creator of the resource doesn’t truly understand the demands that come with being a health and care professional?

How do you know if the resources are valuable? Are they scientifically backed? Are they really going to help you make some differences in your life?

And what if you need some support along the way? You feel so alone sometimes and you just want to be able to share with people who get it, who understand what this industry is like.

So you get to the stage where you just give up on the idea again…it just all seems too hard, too overwhelming…for a while…until the next time your resilience gets well and truly tested…which you know it will…it’s like an emotional roller coaster…I get it, I’ve been there too…

Luckily for you, you can step off that roller coaster…

Introducing the Strengthen Your Resilience Online Course for Health and Care Professionals with Sharon Tregoning

In 12 clear steps you’ll learn the importance of the difference aspects of resilience and how to strengthen yours.

There’s scientifically backed tools, techniques and strategies to help you strengthen your resilience with ease and grace.

The end result is:

~ You enjoy life more, you feel less stressed,

~ You feel less overwhelmed,

~ You feel supported and

~ You feel better equipped to deal with the challenges that life can throw our way

Who is this course for?

Any health and care professionals who are wanting to strengthen their resilience

You love your work; I know so many of you are incredibly passionate about what you do, you were born to care!!

But still there’s times when it’s tough.

You know that when you strengthen your resilience you can:

Leap Buildings in a Single Bound…

Well, not quite, but can certainly feel more confident in both your work and life

Feel Contentment…

You know that feeling when everything has gone right in your day, when you’ve made a difference, when everything has gone smoothly and everything feels right in the world? You can feel that more often.


Do you remember sleep, that feeling of snuggling down knowing you’re going to doze off and wake up refreshed after a sound night’s sleep?

Make Living with Mental Health Challenges Easier…

Depression and anxiety, they can be bloody challenging to live with. I’m right there with you as I live with depression. But strengthening my resilience makes life seem so much easier.

Always Strengthen it More…

No matter what your resilience has been like until now – strong, up and down, needs some TLC – it’s something that you can strengthen more with ease and grace.

Here are the steps we go through to get to the end result...

Strengthen Your Resilience - Benefits of Resilience

Lesson 1

The Benefits of Resilience

We look at exactly what resilience is, why it's important, the benefits or it and signs/symptoms that you could be heading for burnout/desensitisation.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Cultivating Self-Awareness

Lesson 2

Cultivating Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is how aware we are of what's happening around us and also within us. What's going on for us physically, emotionally and behaviourally. In this lesson you'll learn why this is important and how to cultivate self-awareness.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Who & What of Responsibility

Lesson 3

The Who and What of Responsibility

Responsibility in this context looks at how we choose to respond to situations and the effect that has on the outcome of a situation. We also look at what is and isn't our responsibility.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Sliding Doors of Perception

Lesson 4

The Sliding Doors of Perception

How we perceive things can have a big impact on how we respond to those events. When we have the ability to take off our perceived reality and see it from someone else's experience, it changes the game. In this lesson you will understand how to shift your perception easily. When you can do this, it allows compassion to come in.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Mindset Makes The Difference

Lesson 5

Mindset Makes the Difference

There'a a lot about our mindset that determine resilience...Are we positive? Do we catastrophise? Do we accept change as part of life? etc We explore in detail the power of mindset and attitude in strengthening our resilience and give you the tools and resources to help you cope.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Making Self Care a Priority

Lesson 6

Making Self-Care a Priority

We all know that self-care is important, but it still gets pushed to the back burner. We look at exactly why it's important and then we look at several proven strategies that you can use to self-nurture.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Laughter Medicine

Lesson 7

Laughter Medicine

The power of humour cannot be overstated as a tool in your kit for strengthening your resilience, and there's some serious science behind this. Discover simple ways to bring laughter into your day.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Courage to be Vulnerable

Lesson 8

The Courage to be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is something we embrace as courageous in others, yet we shun as a weakness in ourselves. Stop and think about someone you admire who expressed themselves in a particularly vulnerable way. Do you respect them? Yes, of course you did. So how do you tap into authenticity and vulnerability? This lesson will show you how.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Power of Embrace

Lesson 9

The Power of Embrace

In this lesson we look at accepting and embracing ourselves as well as looking at touch therapies - yes, they are a real thing!! We also cover self-criticism vs self-compassion and how you can land on the side of self-compassion.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Meditations to Balance

Lesson 10

Meditations to Balance

Meditation has been proven to have a positive impact on stress levels and how we feel. We look at this in greater detail as well as giving you a couple of meditations that will help you re-balance.

Strengthen Your Resilience - Being Open to Grief

Lesson 11

Being Open to Grief

Allowing ourselves to grieve, along with the way in which we experience that grief can have a cumulative effect on our resilience. Learn how to honour your grief and that of others gracefully.

Strengthen Your Resilience - How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces

Lesson 12

How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces

We all know that toxic/dysfunctional workplaces can have a major impact on our ability to be resilient. In this lesson we cover signs that you are in a toxic workplace along with providing some strategies to help you manage them.
As well, even if you're in a toxic workplace or not, we look at how to leave work at work.

There is nothing like this training in the marketplace. There is only very basic assistance (which most of the time you have to source yourself) and the industry lacks a supportive holistic self care approach for the staff in general.


 ~ Jodie (Experienced aged care worker and industry trainer)

Here is what is inside:

Comprehensive Online Training
Covering practical strategies and actions you can implement to strengthen your resilience. This online training includes topics such as mindset, grief, self-care and much more. Complete the quiz at the end of the course to get a Certificate of Completion detailing CPD points achieved.
(Value $197)

Two Peaceful Meditations
One designed specifically to connect you into your heart and the other to build your resilience.
(Value $55)

Lifetime Access
This means that when you’re facing some challenges in your world you can go back to the lessons and give yourself a boost.
(Value Priceless)

Professional Development
7.5 CPD/OPD Points

If you require them and your professional organisation accepts self learning, there are 7.5 Continuing/Ongoing Professional Development points with this training.

What others have said…

Most of this content has been delivered in workshops around the state and interstate. It received a truckload of positive responses. This is what some of the participants have said:

~ Beautiful, beneficial and very relevant

~ I found it suitable for my needs both personally and professionally

~ The training gave me the tools and skills to know when I need a break so I don’t burn out

~ If you are either seeking to be more resilient in your life or need a kick ass confidence boost, gift yourself and do this training

~ With your insight and direction I was able to find my centre more quickly than I would have on my own

You’re probably wondering who am I and why am I teaching this course? Fair questions!!

Hi, my name is Sharon Tregoning, pleased to meet you.

In both personal and professional contexts, I’ve seen health and care professionals like you get overwhelmed with all the demands of your work – especially the bureaucratic ad administrative.

Through discussions with folks just like you, I’ve heard first hand how you struggle to cope some days, particularly when there are so many factors that are out of your control.

You’ve also shared with me how the challenges of life make juggling everything so much harder – kids, parents, siblings, bills, adulting in general. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops and unicorns and sparkles or beer and skittles!!

So I decided to do something about it – you see, I love to help people too. Like you when you’re helping others, I just want to make your life a bit easier and to make a difference. I’m a Spiritual Counsellor, and End of Life Doula and a Specialist Trainer and Public Speaker.

Personally, I also live with depression. Everything I teach in this course I have personally used to make a difference in my own life, to strengthen my own resilience. I know this stuff works.

I’m ready to help you start to feel better about yourself, to have more peace, to feel happier and more content. I know you can do it. How do I know? Because you are reading this page (particularly if you have gotten this far!! Yay you!!). You are looking for something that can help to make a difference, you are seeking solutions and you are wanting change in your world. I can help you make that change.

But, but, but…

I get it, you have some questions. Let’s see if I can address them for you. If your question is not listed below, please email me your question to healing @ (remove the spaces)

I don't have time to do this...

I hear you, I really do. I get that life is crazy, you’re juggling 50 million things and this is just one more thing to add to your plate. But what if spending the time to do this (and it’s in bite sized chunks, so you don’t have to do it all at once…) could help make a difference to how you feel and make juggling everything feel that bit easier?

You also have lifetime access to do the course, so there is absolutely no time pressure to get it completed. Work through it at your own pace. Most of the lessons are less than 20 mins.

I'm overwhelmed...

I get that.

Right now I just want you to do one thing – stop and breathe.

And then do that again.

And again…

OK, now you’re breathing again, the absolute last thing I want to do is add to your overwhelm…kinda defeats the whole purpose of it, huh?  But I do want to help you get out of overwhelm and sometimes that means we have to take some actions steps. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’ve got you. I’m here to help you change that and I’m walking beside you every step of the way. You can do this, I have absolutely no doubt.

I prefer Podcasts for learning...

You’re in luck as I’ve got you covered there. A lot of my students have mentioned how they love podcasts for learning. All except one of the lessons has an audio download so you can listen like listening to a podcast. The one lesson that doesn’t is very visual, so it doesn’t work as pure audio. 

No one understands what it's like to be a health and care professional...

I know, right?? Unless you work as a health or care professional, people just don’t get what it’s like. The shortening/skipping/delaying meal breaks; the juggling the admin aspects with the caring for people aspects; meeting the various demands of other health and care professionals and family members of your patient/client/resi; the heartbreak when a patient/client/resi dies…

I am a health and care professional and a lot of my work is in the end of life space…I get it. It’s also why I created the course. Through having conversations with professionals just like and what you’ve said you need to help you cope with everything.

Right now, you’re probably wondering if I have somehow got inside you brain as this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Well, don’t worry, I’m not  in your mind
(that would be scary for both of us!!),
but it does indicate that this course is right for you.


Simply click below and we can get started.
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